December 10, 2022


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Sierra Leone Weddings: The rise of the leppi, beautiful Fullani bride ( POISE ™ PHOTOS)


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Dunyia & Miss Bah her designer

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For a long while now Nollywood films and Bella Naija Weddings have influenced the tastes and aesthetics of Sierra Leone popular culture. Photos of local wedding were starting to look way more Nigerian than Sierra Leonean. What does a Sierra Leonean wedding look like? Do we not have our own local customs and costumes? Yes we do!

Sierra Leonean Fashion Designer Amizo Bah of Maryzo Designs has started a resurgence of the Fullah leppi and brides like Dunyia featured here are opting to get married in local textiles.  The leppi a dark blue/indigo dyed fabric that originates in Guinea is the traditional cloth of the Fullani people who hail from Fouta Djallon.

We are happy to see more leppi and we hope to see all ethnic groups in Sierra Leone embracing more of the local, the indigenous and the traditional when it comes to their wedding attire. More Leppi please! This is Sierra Leone Weddings.

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