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Sierra Leone: The SwitSalone Style File of Fatmata Bangura

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My Style 
My style derives from being confident in myself and in my ability to  be myself regardless of the country or state that I find self in. I believe we are all unique in our own ways. And if you are ok with being different everyone else will be too. We are all guilty in one way or another of following trends. A trend is not necessarily a bad thing but in my opinion,  in order for someone to stand out you have to keep it simple and not overthink it. Fashion is playing dress up I don’t take it too seriously.

My style is Unique…
I’m not sure if I’m unique but I think I am humble about my style. The best part about my style is that I make the simplest clothes stand out. My style is totally dependent on my mood you can’t place me here or there. I love to try new things especially with my accessories. For me fashion is and should be lots of fun. I am not all that in to brands or labels which we all know can be very expensive with me being a mom of very small children that money can definitely be saved for far more important things like college fees someday. But regardless of the obstacles I still try to maintain my passion for fashion by having my own very personal style that is unique to me regardless of my budget.

If I’m out on the town I’ll be wearing…
My signature red lip stick with my ray bans. I dress  in my everyday wear which consist of jeans and a tee which can be very versatile. I don’t dress by an occasion or weather if I want to wear something rain won’t stop me. Of cause in the cold winters I layer up. My ultimate goal is comfort and how I carry myself. I have always tried to match to beat of my own drum.

Good style is…
A person who has good style doesn’t try, doesn’t plan but walks in their closet and doesn’t think twice then gets surprised by compliments because it was effortless. Being fashionable is much more than brands or labels it involves a lot experimentation finding what works for you and your body type.  Don’t get caught up  trying to look trendy it is what it is (trendy) it comes and goes try to dress for you . I think Rachel Zoe said it best  “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

How would you describe Fashion & Style at home? 
Sierra Leonean fashion is filled with vibrant prints and colors which represent the culture of our people a nation that has always been celebrated for our arts, music  clothing, minerals and herbs.  Lately, people around the world seem to be embracing the Afrocentric trends to make cultural statements but I do this; I’m African we do it better lol.