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SwitSalone Style File: Arlene Felix – George

by Vickie Remoe

My Style:
My style is very simple and affordable. It is a way for me to portray my thoughts and feelings. I love Ankara/cotton fabric and I am blessed with a wonderful tailor, Musa who makes lovely dresses for me.

My Style is Unique Because:
It is a reflection of my attitude and personality.

If I’m out on the town I’ll be wearing:
My out on the town look can go from a pair of jeans and a colorful top to a dress with heels.

Good Style Is:
Good style for me is when someone is confident and comfortable with himself or herself. The most important rule of having style is not to be defined by labels. There is no need for you to break the bank to look good.

How would you describe Fashion & Style in Salone:
I am impressed with the way Sierra Leonean men and women are embracing fashion. We are very trendy. I like the fact that lately, Sierra Leonean fashionistas have been using the cotton fabric to make different fashionable items like shoes, and bags etc and rock them effortlessly. It is very common nowadays to see young women wearing crop tops or bum shorts made out of cotton fabric.

To see my style follow me on:
Follow me on Instagram @lene101

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