February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

$9 million unaccounted for from Sierra Leone’s Ebola Funds

1. The Ministry of Health needs to account for $2.8 million from the Health Emergency Response Account for  expenditures made without any supporting documents or explanation.

2. The Ministry also needs to account for $2.3 million for payments from the  Ebola Emergency Miscellaneous accounts for which there are missing supporting documents.

3. The Ministry needs to account for $4.1 million for payments that were supposedly made to ebola workers and volunteers for which there are no claim sheets and paid-up vouchers.

4. Makeni Government Hospital received payments for 271 ghost workers in the amount of $43, 360. These funds are yet to be refunded to the Ministry’s Emergency Operations Account.

5. Connaught Hospital received $50,440 as incentives to unauthorized health care workers for which their are no receipts. Some of these funds supposedly went to security guards who were not considered as  health workers. These funds have yet to be accounted for or refunded.