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Sierra Leone’s constitutional review is not transparent, ‘fatally flawed” says Dr Omodele Jones



As he tenders his resignation from Sierra Leone’s constitutional review committee Dr. Omodele Jones speaking to Awoko says that the process is “fatally flawed”. The constitutional review committee was set up last year and launched by the President of Sierra Leone in July 2013.

The committee was supposed to make recommendations to the government, and the government was supposed to submit the report, and changes to parliament for approval. At this point if parliament approved the changes, they were then “to be put into a referendum for the people to decide the fate of the proposed covenant.”

However, Dr. Jones says that this is not what has happened. The government has made changes to the constitution although the committee has yet to make any recommendations or completed its review.

“I have found out just when the committee has started it work, that the government and Parliament rushed through to make an amendment on the constitution without consulting the committee or writing to state why they were doing it,” he said.

Dr. Jones says that he has resigned because he has lost faith in the process. He says the Sierra Leonean people will gain little if anything at all from a constitutional review that now lacks transparency, and trustworthiness.

Source: Awoko