January 29, 2023


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New Video: Nasser Ayoub releases ‘Insai Me’ Sierra Leone pop music

"Insai Me" by Nasser Ayoub

"Insai Me" by Nasser Ayoub
“Insai Me” by Nasser Ayoub

A pop classic has to be catchy with funny lyrics, and a beat you can dance to. Nasser Ayoub just released the latest video for the single ‘Insai Me’ and as far as Salone pop music goes it’s a hit. The video shot in inside what looks like a night club has the usual dancing, shine, and champaign glasses. I didn’t think ‘Insai Me’ was going to be a love song but thats just what it is. I can already hear radios, and sets blasting this in Freetown. And then of course the many slangs that, colloquialisms sure to come from “Insai me”. Next time you ask someone for something in Salone don’t be surprised if they respond with, “Insai Me”!

“See da Salone titi e so fine en pretty”

“Ah want for trit propa, ah want foh pull you pan suffa”

“E dey insai me, you feelin dey insai me.

E dey insai me, you love e dey insai me”

We love it and promise that if you listen to is twice, you’ll not only be singing along, you’ll dance to it too.