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Nollywood actress ‘Chika Ike’ ends marriage, says husband was abusive

by hawa.kualamah

Most of you will know this beautiful and talented lady from the ‘big screen’.

She has played major roles in movies like Fashion Parade, Good Girls Gone Bad, Bride’s War . Chika Ike never failed to give us something good. Ike had her fans glued to the TV no matter what role she played.

It is rather unfortunate that such a talented and beautiful lady had to deal with domestic violence. After allegedly being beaten several times by her husband Mr Ebirebi  she finally took to her heels.  Ike reportedly covered up in public  to mask her scars.

She is not the only one who has faced abuse in her marriage. According to a Nollywood insider fellow actresses Kefee Obareki and Monalisa Chinda had also been rumored to have been in abusive relationships.

We are glad Chika Ike was able to get out of a terrible situation. No woman should be a punching bag.

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