Johansen, first woman, for president of Sierra Leone Football Association

Isha Johansen

Isha Johansen

AfricanSportsTV  has reported that Isha Johansen may contest for president of Sierra Leone’s Football Association (SLFA). Johansen is the current owner and CEO of a football club in Sierra Leone’s Premiere League that bears her name. In recent years she has made major contributions to the promotion of the game of football. Johanssen pioneered the annual African International Youth Tournament in 2009 and has since brought in teams from as far away as Brazil, South Africa, and Norway to play at national stadium in Freetown.

(c) Sierra Express Media: Isha Johansen watching her team play on a dirt pitch in Sierra Leone

Johansen who is known as much for football as philanthropy is often times the only woman on the pitch. When she first started F.C Johanssen back in 2004 few in the the nation’s football industry took her seriously. Then 4 years later Johansen and her team represented Sierra Leone at the annual Mittnorden Cup in Sweden where they won the silver medal. While many were surprised at the young “unknown” team’s performance, they were equally impressed that all of the players returned home.

FC Johansen with David Beckam when he visited Sierra Leone

The task of managing a football team is small when compared to that of handling and directing football at a national level. But Isha Johansen has repeatedly shown that not only will she not take “no” for an answer, she also knows how to leverage her resources to make things happen. And that is the kind of spirit that Sierra Leone football needs.  If Johansen decides to run and is elected in July she will become the first Sierra Leonean woman to head Sierra Leone’s Football Association. Now wouldn’t that be grand!