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Women march against Wade’s third mandate in Senegal

by Vickie Remoe

"Enough"! No to the 3rd Mandat ( Senegalese women march against President Wade) Photo Credit: Yaye Marie Ba

Dozens of Senegalese women gathered in Dakar today to march against President Wade’s third bid for the presidency. Wearing white robes, and red scarves the group of female lawyers, activists, civil society leaders, and intellectuals walked from La Place de Obelisque to the offices of Senegal Radiotelevision (RTS).

The women made an appeal to the first Lady of Senegal, Viviane Wade to advise her husband to abandon his intention to contest in the elections set for February 26th. So far, dozens have died in protests, and police confrontations as those who oppose Wade’s re-election take to the streets.

Penda Mbow, a women’s activist and historian at the Chiehk Anta Diop University said that the constitution must be respected if Senegal is going to continue to serve as an example for democracy in the region.

Source: Agence de Presse Senegalese

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