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Meet Sierra Leone Essential Workers: The Radio Presenter and Event Host


Every morning from Monday to Friday, I host the radio breakfast show, where we talk about entertainment and social issues centering on youth. On the show, we promote music, upcoming artists, and bring in those who are successful in sharing their stories.

I’ve worked in radio for about six years now. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, work was good. There were side gigs because I host events (musical shows, weddings, workshops, etc.) and reality TV shows. By then, I received calls for plenty of things, sometimes to give speeches, share my experience, and support others to grow. But it was put on hold with the pandemic.

And now we have to respect the curfew at 11:00 PM and there’s no nightlife. For me, the nightlife was bringing extra cash to keep us going, but there have also been restrictions. Financially the pandemic has hit me very hard and everyone around the world. It’s tough for people like me who are entertainers, event organizers, and presenters. Even for the radio show that I’m hosting, we used to have yearly celebrations every October, but this year it’s void.

Surviving during this period is challenging. When it all started, the staff and the management agreed not to have pay cuts. Now I have one income source, and I’ve had to reduce spending on most things, even what I’ve been giving to close relatives. The salary rate is low, and the mouths to feed are plenty. One good thing is everyone at home understands that we no longer do the things we used to do. Once they cook in the morning, everybody gets their share and manages it for the rest of the day; water will be your friend all day.

My expectation within the next six months is that COVID-19 will end and life will be back to normal.

Credit: OSIWA/Essential Stories

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