December 10, 2022


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New Bubu Music: ‘eh man ah’ – Janka Nabay

Ahmed Janka Nabay (c) the Fader
Janka Nabay (c) neumagazine

Bubu music ambassador Janka Nabay has just released a new single, ‘Eh Man Ah’. The electric bubu song is being described as Nabay’s richest work to date. Afropop worldwide describes the single as “full of gritty keys and high-end reverb-drenched guitar”.  The blog also adds that “the song builds off the frantic energy of “bubu” dance music for a hypnotic offering that enhances the Sierra Leone-style without transforming it into something entirely different.”

When I listened to the song I thought it was a wonderful bashment of bubu and metal. ‘Eh Man Ah’ is pure bubu grit and grime. All the traditional bubu dance steps can be applied here so don’t be afraid to add it to your Salone music playlist. My temne is really rusty so i can’t tell you what all the words mean, but in the hook ‘tay killi me’ translates to ‘don’t look at me’.

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