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Royal Dynamite: State of the Union

by Vickie Remoe

I got my Eyes and my money on you (c) Royal Dynamite

Diamond from Sierra Leone (c) Royal Dynamite

Awkward Black Girl signature T-shirt (c) Royal Dynamite

Cecil Valentine and Ralph Diesel: Royal Dynamite co-founders

Our favorite entrepreneurs on the West Coast at Royal Dynamite, just delivered their very own 2012 SOTU – State of the Union. The brand’s SOTU is full of accomplishments and plans for the future. The RD SOTU announced that…

Last year they partnered with the very popular web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, and the LA stylist Seth Brundle for the X Royal Dynamite Summer Collection.

While the rest of us still have to wait to buy our RD Tees from a store, fans in Minnesota can buy their’s from Lily and Star Boutique. And finally, Royal Dynamite will take on its most ambitious project to date with RD Cares in 2012. The Royal Crew will be donating education packages to needy youngsters in Sierra Leone from the proceeds of every T-Shirt sold.

Find more on  Royal Dynamite  or get your own RD Tee

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