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Kono Business is what happens When Denmark meets Sierra Leone

All photos courtesy of: www.konobusiness.com

Kono is known for its diamonds but have you heard of its fashion? A group of Danish designers have formed a partnership with female tailors in Kono to create ‘Kono Business’, a social entreprise ‘fair trade’ company that markets high end hand made scarves, dolls, computer sleeves, wallets etc made in Sierra Leone for export.

Each scarf, computer sleeve or bag is made from a limited quantity of textile and is therefore unique. Attached to each product is a hang tag with a photo of the tailor who made the product. The hang tag provides information about the project and the woman who made the product. Kono Business works with a group of highly marginalized women. Many of them are single mothers and the sole providers for their children. Some are former soldiers, and most have lived as refugees for years. The Kono region and its people suffered great damage from the civil war, as it is home to diamond mines that were at the heart of the conflict. The conditions of life for these women are about as hard as they can possibly be.

 Their work looks really interesting and i would love to see this replicated all over the country. Check out Kono Business and support local tailors in a town that suffered more than most during Sierra Leone’s civil war. For questions on why the finger print as a logo and how much tailors are paid and opportunities for collaboration check out the FAQs. What do you think of Kono Business?