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Where is Sierra Leone’s history?

by Vickie Remoe

I went to the national museum at the cotton tree today to visit the 50th Anniversary exhibit. Least to say I was extremely disappointed at the state of the exhibit, which really was just a collection of faded blown up old photos put together in some places with scotch tape. As I gazed at the photos I tried to appreciate the little history that was on offer but I kept being distracted by what was missing. Is this really all that we could put together to celebrate 50 years of statehood?
In the beginning there was pre-colonial written in blue ink, then there was colonial, and independence. Then somewhere in the corner there were colonial officers’ uniforms, next to a mock up of Bunce Island slave castle. We passed by a carving of Bai Bureh standing next to his drum as we made our way to what was supposed to be a mini exhibit on Krios. Once again a collection of photographs taped and thumb tacked on display boards. I felt a deep feeling of loss and emptiness as though I had been robbed of my identity. As I walked out of the museum into the blazing sun towards Wilberforce Street I couldn’t help but wonder ‘Where is Sierra Leone’s History’?

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