The Sick Pikin Marathon 2019 receives huge support


The Sick Pikin Marathon was held on Saturday 20th April 2019, it all started from the national stadium and ended at family kingdom Aberdeen.

The Marathon is geared towards raising awareness to support sick babies in the country.

The Marathon is an event that was sponsored by Healey Foundation, Bollore Transport and Logistics, Milla Group (house of plastic) and The Sierra Leone Bar Association respectively.

“The reason primarily for this marathon is, we want to be able to have people to support the sick children, we want to be able to have people who will have reason to cultivate love in their hearts, because we want to give these sick children a second chance,” Alfred Charles a lead in organizing the marathon said.

” Children that we have supported over the period are here, and also those who are sick that can make it also attended,” he said.

” They are here so that we are able to show them more love and care.

Basically we are here to raise funds, and also to get people interact with those children that they have helped, and see reasons why they should continue to help those that need help,” Charles said.

Charles further revealed that they have helped over eleven chidren and are still having nine that are in dire need right now.

Many individuals showed their support to the campaign on various social media platforms, one of such is Precious Amabel Lebby who posted that;

Precious Annabelle Lebbie

Precious Amabel Lebby

“Children are the heritage of the Lord and no one sick baby should die due to poor health care system or lack of funds.

I am part of the Sick Pikin Marathon and I have met success stories of our advocacy work,” she continued.

“My platform is aimed at shinning light on issues of public concern, especially women and children.

God bless Monica Galiwa and team, not forgetting Amina M. Konneh for such a humble donation and affection.”


Amimata Diamond another participant posted on her Facebook;

Amimata Diamond

” The Sick Pikin Marathon 2019 was a great success! Today I was really impressed with the drive and passion of the dynamic young Sierra Leonean Philanthropist and life saver Ishmeal Alfred Morgan Heritage Charles and his extraordinary mission of identifying unique Paediatric cases that our health infrastructure cannot cater for and sourcing funds to provide access for the treatment of such cases abroad. It was an amazing, inspiring and extraordinary experience.”

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