January 29, 2023


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Meet Ghana’s Essential Workers: Medical Doctor and founder of a Children’s Development Institution.

I no longer wake up at 4:30 am to prepare for the preschoolers and teachers to come in. The government suspended school activities and my children have been living with their grandparents for close to a year now. 

As a medical doctor and founder of an early childhood development institution, I must manage my time well to fulfill my duties in both roles. I am very passionate about children and how they develop. I have been running the school for almost three years now, and I find it very fulfilling. I learned that children do not have to be molded into what society wants them to be but rather allow them to explore their environment and flourish. We must assume the role of facilitators by offering guidance and discipline.

Photo Credit: Francis Kokoroko

As early as cases of coronavirus were recorded in China, I was troubled, considering it is a respiratory illness and one that spreads so easily. Children contract seasonal colds so often, so for me, keeping children safe at school seemed impossible. Our school already put in place infection prevention measures. Teachers are supposed to wash their hands before and after the different activities, but we still realized that it is not full proof.

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