Bobbi Kristina, 22 yr old daughter of the late Whitney Houston is dead


After months in a coma, 22 year old Bobbi Kristina has died from complications sustained after being found face down in a bathtub 6 months ago. She is the only child of singers Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s 15 year marriage.

Bobbi Kristina’s death is tragic. She dies 3 years after her mother Whitney’s February 2012 passing. May Bobbi and Whitney rest in perfect peace in the ever after.

Bobbi Kristina Brown;Whitney Houston;Bobby Brown [& Family] Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly "fighting for her life" as she remains hospitalized after being found unconscious in her Georgia home (File Photos) **NO DIALY MAIL SALES** Bobbi Kristina_WhitneyHouston_Dead