Sierra Leone Fashion Brand Spotlight: Afriq Uniq


AfriqUniq_SierraLeone_Ghana_234 AfriqUniq_SierraLeone_Ghana_412_o AfriqUniq_SierraLeone_Ghana AfriqUniq_SierraLeone_Ghana2 AfriqUniq-SierraLeone_Ghana34

Afriq Uniq is the latest Sierra Leonean owned fashion brand on the scene. Based in Accra it is led by mixed race Sierra Leonean designer Swetlana Abiba Nyarkoah. She graduated from fashion school in Ghana and launched Afriq Uniq earlier this year. Abiba was one of 5 designers chosen to feature on online series #PrintexStyleMe. 

  • morie

    this is a good start.
    will like to see something that has never been done b4 in fashion (especially on the african stage).

    keep it up.