January 30, 2023


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Fadugu UK International money transfer partners with Splash Mobile Money Sierra Leone

Fadugu International Money Transfer
Splash Mobile Money
I just got a newsletter from Fadugu, a money transfer company based in the UK that allows customers to send and receive money through a range of options that include the internet, mobile phones and prepay cards that they are currently offering free money transfers to Sierra Leone. Although I am currently in Sierra Leone and there is no one anywhere planning to send me money (sob sob sob), it’s always good to know how to get money here in case some long lost family or beneficiary wants to remember yours truly.
I was also happy to find out from the company’s website that Fadugu UK has signed an agreement with SPLASH Mobile Money Sierra Leone’s first domestic mobile money transfer company to provide Fadugu money transfer recipient customers in Sierra Leone the opportunity to load their SPLASH mobile accounts with the international money transfers they receive. 

This means that you send an international transfer via Fadugu UK then Fadugu SL will send the money to your Splash mobile account. So i can be sitting at home and my phone will beep to tell me I’ve just received money, WAY COOL!!!  If this actually works which I intend to test out. I should be able to use Fadugu and Splash to do a mini e-commerce business. I recently went to Mali and bought bags and jewelry for sale. I am going to upload the photos on facebook and my blog and people can pay for the goods via fadugu….So freaking awesome.

Fadugu is a privately held company registered in the UK as a Money Service Business and regulated by the Financial Service Authority as a Small Payments Institution. The company was founded by Executive Director,  Leah Mansaray, a Sierra Leonean UK based entrepreneur. To send money or to learn more about Fadugu visit www.fadugu.com

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