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Evidence that SLPP Government will win July 28th Elections

by Vickie Remoe

In the past 6 months or so five African countries have had elections…Zambia, Congo, Gambia, Senegal, and this past weekend Nigeria. If the results from these elections show anything its that YOU CAN NOT REMOVE A SITTING GOVERNMENT with the electoral process if that government is not ready to relinquish power.

Though many African countries have set up “independent” electoral monitoring boards like the National Electoral Commission in Sierra Leone, managing a free & fair elections still remains a challenge.

Some people otherwise known as “bellas” are saying that this weekends elections in Nigeria were a farce….regardless…Yar’Adua has won with 200 people losing their lives in the process.

Now Sierra Leone opin you yase…..ooona yeri oh. SLPP go win election na salone.
If Yayah Jammeh, Wade and others in the African Presidents Club can retain their seat then Solomon Berewa of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party has nothing to worry about. In fact I would advise those who need to conani to begin doing so ASAP. You dont want the party’s leaders to say you were not loyal. So begin licking toes, saying PA & BRA today….noh wait for elections begin now.

HIP HIP HOORAY….FIVE MORE YEARS FOR SLPP…..wait…..am i the only one cheering?? I’m not saying they have my support oh…..a just day tell oona nomo say…wetin me day see….na SLPP get this elections

(a noh don talk di word yate sef. Na im AllAfrica.com report say Sierra Leone: Elections May Not Hold in July)

(More Evidence May 3 2007 another African president wins re-election: Mali president wins second term

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