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“Kabaka labeled me a hater” – Lox-P on his KME Records split


Former winner of the AYV Cypher Uncensored, Samuel Bangura aka Lox-P has explained the reasons behind his departure from the renowned record label, Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment (KME). 

Lox-P is one of Sierra Leone’s most famous street rappers. In 2019, as a compliment for winning the grand prize of the AYV Cypher Uncensored, he signed a record deal with KME, which should have been a turning point, a leap towards stardom, or so he thought. But behind the beats and the fame, there’s a story of dreams, struggle, and the quest for authenticity.

The rapper’s journey with KME unfortunately didn’t quite hit the right notes. Despite the initial excitement, the rapper found himself lost in the shuffle. For over two years, he never got to release his own songs, an EP, or even a music video. According to him, while KME kept on singing new names like Boi and given the platform to excel, he was nothing more than an errand boy at the label. Lox-P claimed that he was later called a “hater” by the CEO of the label, Abu Bakarr Turay, when he voiced his concerns.

“Kabaka called me a hater after I voiced my concerns that it’s been over two years since i joined the label, but I’ve never been given the opportunity to get a song on my own or do a music video, but new signings like Boi and others are being promoted and getting music videos done,” said Lox-P.

Frustration mounted, and it wasn’t long before Lox-P terminated his contract with KME in 2020, the same year, the rapper released a freestyle title “after cypher,” where he spoke about his frustration in KME and the AYV Media. He later labeled his relationship with the label as “cheap popularity”, citing that he was unable to even afford some of his daily needs despite being at the label. Going back to the street was tough, but for Lox-P, staying at KME was no different. 


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