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Rebecca Gbla is the face of the 2023 AfriCaribbean Festival


Renowned Sierra Leonean dancer and model, Rebecca Gbla, is the face of the highly anticipated 2023 “AfriCaribbean Festival.” With an impressive track record of local and international achievements, Gbla’s role as the festival’s ambassador is well-founded.

Currently an engineering student at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, Gbla holds titles such as Miss FBC 2021 and the 2018 Miss Annie Walsh beauty pageant. 

Gbla expressed her honour, saying, “Being chosen as the Ambassador for AfriCaribbean Festival 2023 is truly a privilege. This festival celebrates our rich African and Caribbean heritage and promotes unity and understanding among diverse cultures. I’m excited to contribute to this wonderful initiative.”

The festival’s founder, Danna Labour shared his enthusiasm about Gbla’s involvement. “The AfriCaribbean Festival has always aimed to provide young talents a platform to showcase their passions,” said Labour. “With Rebecca Gbla as our Ambassador, we aspire to inspire and engage Sierra Leonean audiences across the continent, empowering the next generation to shine.”

The festival’s organizing committee added, “Rebecca’s influence and cultural passion align perfectly with our mission to foster cross-cultural appreciation and celebrate the strength of diversity. Her role as an ambassador will elevate our efforts to new heights.”

The AfriCaribbean Festival is an annual celebration of African and Caribbean cultures and facilitates cross-cultural exchange and understanding. Showcasing diverse music, dance, art, cuisine, and traditions from both diasporas, the festival unites communities and celebrates diversity, this year’s event will commence on December 28, 2023, to January 2, 2024, in Freetown. 


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