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Most viewed stories on Swit Salone in 2012

by Vickie Remoe

12. Sierra Leoneans turned up in droves to attend the Green White and Blue Independence Ball in DC.

Young, hip, and very well dressed Sierra Leoneans in the D.C. area gathered at the Loft Ballroom in Laurel, Maryland to mark Sierra Leone’s 51st Independence Anniversary. The 4th Annual Green White and Blue Ball organized by the Green White and Blue Commission recognized people within the diaspora community who have made excellent contributions in different fields. This year’s awardees included Carol Bangura, Dr Bah, and yours truly TV talk show host, and journalist Vickie Remoe.


 11. Sierra Leone’s Zainab Disqualified for fighting on Big Brother Africa videoThe slap heard across Africa from Ghana’s DKB and Sierra Leonean contestant Zainab was one of the most talked about news items of the year.
10. The amazingly talented ballerina Micheala Deprince (nee Mabinty Bangura) made headlines from the Guardian in the UK to the New York Times after she was one of the features in a documentary film about the sweat and pain of making it to the top in ballet.

At the premier of ‘First Position’ at the Toronto International Film Festival

9. Our trend watch on braids making a comeback with american celebrities such as Brandy, and Beyonce was quite popular too and surprisingly made it into our top 10.

DBanj released the video for Oliver Twist with no cameo appearances by Don Jazzy. Jazzy had been in every DBanj video since the two started out. For many, the video marks the beginning of the end of Mo’ Hits’ domination of the Nigerian music scene.


7. While Mo’Hits were splitting up, in Sierra Leone, a long running hip hop rivalry between the nation’s foremost rappers came to an end after presidential intervention.
6. When socialite Mahawa Sandy celebrated her 25th birthday in Freetown in January last year everyone who was anybody was there. And it made it on our top viewed stories.
5. Everyone was really shocked with Nigerian duo on Big Brother suddenly quit the show

In their Diary Session , Ola and Chris sat with heavy hearts, promptingBig Brother to ask them what was on their minds.
Ola broke the ice by declaring that after consultation with the House Doctor, he would like to Voluntarily Exit the Big Brother House.

A sombre-looking Chris added that he understands completely. “Yes, this is a game. However, we can’t play with our lives.”

“Health is wealth”, Ola added. The two were instructed by Biggie to leave the Diary Room and speak to their fellow Housemates, to explain the situation.

4. In March I flew to Sierra Leone and officially launched SwitSalone.com in Freetown. It was a crazy experience because I was in school and I had just turned in my masters thesis before I left. We planned the launch with next to no money but it was fab.

3. When Zainab Sheriff was chosen to join Big Brother 7 with her partner Daphne Ola everyone was overjoyed. It was the first time that Sierra Leoneans would participate. Although Zainab and Ola did not win. We doubt that anyone will be able to forget Miss Sheriff any time soon.

2. To mark international women’s day on March 8th. We profiled eight women from Sierra Leone who were making significant contributions in their respective industries. From a fashion designer, lawyer, to a former Miss Sierra Leone. These women represented a new generation of go women.

1. It is shocking I know but news that Nollywood actress Chika Ike was a victim of domestic violence was the top news story on Swit Salone for 2012.

  It is rather unfortunate that such a talented and beautiful lady had to deal with domestic violence. After allegedly being beaten several times by her husband Mr Ebirebi  she finally took to her heels.  Ike reportedly covered up in public  to mask her scars.

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