March 24, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

“Freetown” Tekno Miles’s latest single is out now!

“Freetown” is the latest single released by Nigerian multiple-award singer, producer and songwriter, Tekno Miles.

The new song by the 30-year-old continental hitmaker who is well known for lyrics that promote social changes and provoke the bad deeds of governments takes a deep dive into the poor governance system of Sierra Leone and his homeland Nigeria.

Freetown was inspired by the low standard of public facilities and the poor welfare of the citizens in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Tekno also mentioned the high rate of homeless children that begs around the streets of the two West-African nations, stating that all the countless prayers for a better life are yet to be achieved.

He believed that the two countries that are currently under the atmosphere of general elections are facing similar issues of poor governance system, where the majority of their citizens are jobless with poor electricity, insufficient food, poor water etc.

Tekno is a talented singer who is rated as one of the most successful and talented African musicians. He has produced several hit songs like Dance, Wash, Diana, and to mention but not limited to his widely received by both national and international audiences “Rara”, a single in which he addressed the poor government system in Nigeria.