March 24, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Dede Abu donates trophies and medals to the Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League Board

The Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League board headed by Asmaa James on December 29, 2022, received trophies, and medals for this year’s league season from former East End Lions player and U.S.-based coach Dede Abu.

During the presentation, Abu stated that he is very happy to be part of the history of the Sierra Leone women’s top-tier league, as this is not the first time he has been helping organizations in the country.

Asmaa James, the chairperson of the Sierra Leone Female Premier League Board expressed gratitude to Abu for his kind gesture towards the league. She further said that the board was in a worry as they were yet to settle the issue of trophies and medals for the ongoing championship. She called upon all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to follow in the footsteps of Dede Abu.

“Words are not enough to express how grateful the Women Premier League Board is for this donation. Thank you, Dede Abu. The board was worried about trophies and medals but you have put our worries to rest,” said Asmaa James. 

The 2022/2023 Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League kicked off on October 15, 2022. For the first time, the West African nation’s top 12 women’s teams had faced each other in the first leg of the competition, Kahunla Queens presently topping the table with 30 points after match day eleven. It has been more than three years since Sierra Leone last had a women’s league in operation, and even then it was only a regional competition.