December 8, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

KUSH: an illegal drug sending Sierra Leonean youths to the dark

A newly released BBC Africa Eye Documentary titled “Kush: Into the Mad World” has shown how this illegal drug is on the rise across Sierra Leone and it’s taking the youths of the country to the dark. 

Kush is a cheap illegal drug that is easily accessed in various communities in the country. it has overtaken drugs like tramadol, cocaine, and several expensive ones. The majority of it’s consumers say, the drug helps them to ease their stress.

Reports have shown how young people who are addicted to this drug kill or harm themselves, and others around them. According to the documentary, medical staff in the country’s only psychiatric hospital say over 90 percent of the male admissions are due to the use of kush.

The drug is not only taken by men, women, and girls are also consuming it, as one of the individuals featured in the documentary says she sells sex to earn money so she can buy the drugs and over 70 percent of her earnings is spent on buying kush every day. 

The police are also battling to tackle this menace down, as several arrests have been made over a certain period of time. 

For more insight into this documentary check the full video below.

Source/Credit: BBC Africa Eye