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Where is China Nicky? – Sierra Leoneans ask about the reality star’s whereabouts

Several editions of the Big Sister Salone show had been held and different winners have emerged, but the question that remains unanswerable is the whereabouts of the winner of the maiden edition, Haja Mariama Kamara aka China Nicky.

After winning the all-female reality empowerment TV show in 2019, pictures and videos of her popped up online about her traveling to the United State of America, and that was led by her manager by the name of Ejatu Barrie.

People have asked about China Nicky’s whereabouts countless times, but since she travels that question remains unanswerable. About two years ago a photo was posted online about China Nicky being in detention in a prison in the Bahamas. This brought doubt in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans, and the question of why and how she ended up in detention in the Bahamas was also asked but couldn’t be answered up to date.

Years have gone by and this question is still not answered, the young promising smart lady who won SLL 10 million and a car is still missing and by the look of things, she is not okay. In recent days, the issue about her whereabouts popped up online again, as many Sierra Leoneans across different social media platforms questioned her manager Ejatu Barrie to give detail about the whereabouts of China Nicky.

Later on, a video of Ejatu and China Nicky being in a video chat was released and it was said that she is currently in Accra, Ghana. The biggest question many people are asking now is how China Nicky, who was promised a better life when she won the reality TV show, was taken to the US, later ended in detention in the Bahamas and now in Accra, Ghana.

Zainab Sheriff, the lead organizer of Big Sister Salone has also cleared the air that she doesn’t know where China Nicky is. People are now demanding that either China Nicky come live on Facebook or her Ghana contact be given so people can reach out to her.