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“If you’re ready to take up this journey, brace up for impact” – Drizilik send out his advice to upcoming artists in the country

Sierra Leonean rapper, Drizilik has on Thursday, December 2, 2021, used his social media handle to inspire and upcoming artists in the country to brace up and be ready to endure every struggle they face in their musical journey if they want to succeed. 

The rapper used the experience of top artists to share his thoughts and this comes after many people have asked for his advice to upcoming artists, the following are his exact words. 

“These feelings that I’m voicing out are things that I have dealt with and I’m not in any way trying to spread fear or hate. I’m simply trying to make these young artists understand how it is for their favorite artists and mentors. People believe and have faith in your dreams and overall potentials are going to be low in the start because no one thinks you’re gonna make it and that’s because there are no signs of prospects in the industry here, but the minute you start making waves, you’re going to be faced with a whole different level of struggle, the struggle of meeting the unrealistic expectations of the same people who didn’t believe in your dreams from the very start. They are going to compare you to people they are willing to support way more than they’re willing to support you”, he stated. 

His final words are “If you’re ready to take up this journey, brace up for impact”.