February 5, 2023


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DAY JA VU! – A new vibe to partying in Salone

Ramadan is done (the Islamic month of pious reflection, fasting, and strengthening one’s relationship with God). I can’t help but reminisce on my pre- Ramadan lock bush activities; which feels really wrong, but I hope Allah will understand.

There were a number of events and activities that helped celebrate being in sweet Salone (Sierra Leone) for Easter including the always eventful and enjoyable Ballin Pool Party at Radisson Blu. But this Easter season saw the second edition of what the creator calls “A new vibe to partying in Salone”-Day Ja Vu!

Day Ja Vu! is a play on the phrase déjà vu that means a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. ‘Day Ja Vu!’ however is honestly like nothing you’ve experienced before. Nyahavehli Keili, the brains behind it all said she noticed that there was a void in Sierra Leone’s enjoyment landscape; a need for a day party for the grown and sexy that eventually ends with dancing till you’re dripping in sweat. And the best part about it is, you can be back home by 11:30 p.m and up the next morning about your business. Because we all know! In 2021 we must get to our business

The event was at Alex’s Beach Bar in Aberdeen, just on the water, and was on Easter Monday with DJ Hancilles commonly known as Dito Freaky Baddest playing tunes from Africa, the far west, and everywhere in between.

One of the best thing that happened to this particular event was the inclusion of Ditto Freaky Baddest who made sure that this particular episode would be memorable and will keep us satisfied till the next edition which the organisers are yet to announce.

Day Ja Vu’s Easter Monday episode arrived with a marked increase in anticipation and excitement which they lived up to making them one of the most sought-after tables in Freetown’s social calendar.

Keili hopes to grow Day Ja Vu! into a Freetown social calendar staple that allows guests to come in, really let loose, have an absolutely fantastic time, and be home in time for breakfast the next morning.

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This is your official minister of enjoyment reporting live.