February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

New Book: Ambassador Soulay Daramy’s All Protocols Observed is out now

Ambassador Soulay Daramy has launched his book ‘All Protocols Observed: A Handbook On Protocol Practices and Procedures’ in Freetown Sierra Leone.

The message in the book ‘All Protocols Observed’ is that protocol is relevant, everybody needs protocols in their interactions, not just government officials. Its title is an example of a wrong protocol salutation commonly used by most government officials and members of the public. Daramy said he deliberately used it as the title of his book so that people will read it and know that it is wrong and should not be used.

According to Daramy one of the main reasons he wrote this book was because of the serious protocol breaches he has seen take place during his time as a protocol officer. Protocol breaches are mistakes made when the right protocols are not observed and implemented.

“I have been in protocol all my life and I have seen people go to events and then come out of those events crying because they made a mistake and they think they have embarrassed themselves.” Ambassador Soulay Daramy

He said it was events like these that led him to write the the book making sure that mistakes that lead to protocol breaches be a thing of the past. All Protocols Observed contains 11 chapters each of which addresses the intricacies of protocol related to procedures and practices in the diplomatic world.

The book was reviewed by Professor Joe A. D. Alie who acknowledged that the book was a groundbreaking piece of academic exercise because it is the first of its kind written by a Sierra Leonean.

“The author has, in my view, produced a piece of work that is fascinating, timely and above all, germane to anyone who interacts daily with foreign and local dignitaries and who is keen to follow the correct or established code of procedure,” Professor Joe A. D. Alie.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Nabeela F. Tunis expressed her delight and joy in launching what she called Sierra Leone’s Encyclopaedia for Protocol Practices and Procedures.

Tunis went on to say that her greatest joy stems from the the fact that Government officials and the general public now have a reliable contextual reference point whenever questions on the observation of protocols arises. She explained that everyone including her might have made a mistake in one way or the other when it comes to the application of protocol rules in its strictest sense.

Ambassador Soulay Daramy was the former High Commissioner to The Republic of the Gambia and former Ambassador to Guinea Bissau. He has been in protocol for over 40 years ‘All Protocolos Observed: A Handbook On Protocol Practices and Procedures’ is his first published book.