December 10, 2022


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Four lessons learned from the Vickie Remoe Show in Karene District – #MakeSierraLeoneFamous Edition

From the southside of Kenema, we take viewers on a road trip straight to Karene District. Karene is one of two districts that were added to preexisting 14. 

In this episode, host Vickie Remoe took 9 hours on the road from Freetown to Outamba Kilmi in Tambaka Chiefdom, Karene. She explored the country’s first wildlife reserve (Outamba Kilmi National Park). 

Here are four lessons learned from this episode

1. Logging is the major activity in that part of the country, logs are floated on jerry cans so they can be crossed over the Kabba river and later transported to Freetown for exportation. 

2. Outamba Kilmi National Park is the oldest and first wildlife reserve in Sierra Leone, it was established in 1995. 

3. The 110, 900 hectares national park is the only home of hippos in Sierra Leone. 

4. The word “Karene” means “Log” in Susu.

Learn more about Karene District in different ways. Watch the Vickie Remoe Show today and explore Sierra Leone in different folds. Tune here to watch:

This year’s edition was proudly sponsored by Orange Sierra Leone, Vickie Remoe & Company, and Capitol Foods Limited. The executive producer is Vickie Remoe, the producer and director is Ernest Henry, editors are Daniel Palmer and Selassie Sequa.