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Sierra Leone COVID-19 cases reach 519, with 7 new recoveries and 1 death recorded

Sierra Leone has recorded 14 new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the total cumulative confirmed cases to 519 and that was according to the Ministry of Information and Community daily status updates on the virus. 

The new cases recorded today were from 4 districts, with Western area urban having 4 cases, Bo district – 2 cases, Pujehun district – 4 cases, and Kailahun district – 6 cases. Freetown (Western area urban and rural) is the epicenter of the virus with 378 cases and its the district with the highest number of confirmed cases per district. 

Also, there are recoveries and death recorded, 7 new recoveries, and 1 new death were recorded, that total the deaths to 33 and the recoveries to 148. The death recorded was a 46 years old female from the Bo isolation unit. 

Meanwhile, the total number of people in quarantine has increased by 25 people and the current number of people in quarantine is 2,111.