Sierra Leone COVID-19 cases reach 570, with 38 new recoveries and 1 death recorded

Sierra Leone has recorded 36 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the total number of cumulative confirmed cases to 570 and that was according to the Ministry of Information and Communication daily status updates on the virus. 

The new cases recorded today were from 4 districts with Western area urban having 32 cases, Falaba district – 1 case, Kailahun district – 2 cases, and Bomabli district – 1 case. Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone is the epicenter of the virus with more than 50% of the total registered confirmed cases. 

Meanwhile, 1 death and 38 recoveries were also recorded. The current number of deaths is 34 and the death recorded today was a 46-year-old male, who was transferred to the 34 Military Hospital from the Connaught Isolation Unit. Likewise, the new recoveries recorded today now the total number of recoveries to 205,  they were from the Fourah Bay College Community Care Center with 36 and Lungi Isolation Unit with 2. 

So far there are 331 active patients in treatment facilities. Likewise, the current number of people in quarantine has decreased by 55 as of yesterday’s figure and 1,978 are in quarantine, while a total of 2.944 have been discharged from quarantine.