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Sierra Leone lost its first medical front liner to COVID-19

According to a press release from the Sierra Leone Association of Community Health Officers (SLAHCO), the country has lost its first medical front liner to the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday, May 4, 2020.

Vandi Sombie, one of Sierra Leone’s longest-serving Community Health Officers (CHO), was working at the Ministry of Health as a CHO at the Bo Children’s Hospital. 

He was the index case of the virus in the district but died a few hours later after he had been taken to the isolation unit in Freetown.

Sombie has been a pillar in the fight for good health and safety to the people of Sierra Leone.

In the press release, the association urges other CHO’s to be cautious and stay safe whilst following the necessary preventive measures, as they are the very first people to contact sick people in various communities around the country.

Sierra Leone lost over 30 medical practitioners to the Ebola outbreak, which led to the weakness of the country’s health care system. So in order to prevent that awareness and prevention should start now.

May the soul of Vandi Sombie rest in peace, he died serving Sierra Leone and for that, he will always be remembered, Hero!