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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $1 billion to the COVID-19 relief fund 

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has announced on his platform that he will be making a mega donation of $1 billion towards the coronavirus relief fund.

That sum is 28% of his accumulated wealth and it dwarfs the $100 million donations the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos made, which was at the time the highest coronavirus related donation.

Cases of coronavirus are still on the increase globally affecting 212 countries with cases over the 1 million mark and over 70,000 registered deaths.

Dorsey’s donation will go a long way in the fight against the virus and the race to find a cure that will put a stop to this virus once and for all.

Other than Dorsey and Bezos, Ronaldo, Messi and other big celebrities have also donated a part of their wealth in the fight against the virus.