January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Top goal scorers in the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League

The race for the golden boot is on, in the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League. The golden boot is an award given to the player with the highest number of goals scored in a single season.

There have been more than 100 goals scored so far this season with over 60 players being responsible for those goals after round 12. 

Port Authority’s striker Julius Gobi is at the top of the scoring chart so far with 6 goals registered to his name in all matches played. Philip Neville (East End Lions) and Djiril Koulabalay (Port Authority) are tied in 2nd place with 5 goals whilst Momoh Conteh (Diamond Stars) and Ron G. Williams (Kamboi Eagles) are tied in 4th place with 4 goals each.

Here are the top 10 goal scorers in the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League.

1.       Julius Gobi (Port Authority) – 6 goals.

2.       Philip Neville (East End Lions) – 5 goals.

2.       Djibril Koulabay (Port Authority) – 5 goals.

4.       Momoh Conteh (Diamond Stars) – 4 goals.

4.       Ron G. Williams (Kamboi Eagles) – 4 goals.

6.       Suffian Kalokoh (Bo Rangers) – 3 goals.

6.       Melvin Davies (F.C Johansen) – 3 goals.

6.       Solomon O. Toby (East End Lions) – 3 goals.

6.       Alpha Conteh (Central Parade) – 3 goals.

6.       Saidu Sesay (East End Lions) – 3 goals.

Last season’s top goal scorer was Musa Noah Kamara aka Musa Tombo of East End Lions FC, he won the golden boot with 15 goals. He is the first-ever to scored 15 goals in a single season, breaking the record of Mohamed Kallon who scored 12 goals in a single season.