January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Container of Cocaine from UK found at Water Quay in Freetown

Two online publications today have reported that the Sierra Leone Police has discovered a 40 foot container filled with cocaine at Freetown’s Queen Elizabeth II Port.

Container number MRKU 2393976 is reported to have orignated from the UK and shipped to Sierra Leone. An unamed source that works at the port claimed that the container belongs to a company or individual who has duty free concessions and “its containers go out of the port unchecked because the offer bribes to some port officers”.

Speculations have already begun with some pointing fingers at a major iron ore company. However the police and the government have yet to make an official statement or identify the intended recipient of the drugs.

             Source: Silas Gbandia, The Daily IIJ       Photo (c) Sierra Express Media