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In pictures: ‘Building Bridges’ Islamic tour in Freetown

by Alhassan Lamin

On Friday the 6th of March 2020, Foundation of Islamic Information Sierra Leone (FOISIL) in collaboration with their partners held the “Building Bridges” tour at the National Stadium in Freetown. 

Building Bridges’ is an Islamic initiative that helps connects people with their creator (Allah) and gives humanitarian assistance to the less privileged in terms of health, food, etc. It features Zimbabwean Islamic Scholar Mufti Ishmail Ibn Musa Menk, South African Islamic Nasheed singer Zain Bhikha and other Sierra Leoneans.

Thousands of Muslims and Non-muslims Sierra Leoneans witnessed the event. If you missed the event here is a clue of what happened in pictures.  

Large crowd entering the stadium.
Male section.
Female in stands and inside the stadium.
Sheik Hero at the Presidential stand.
Hamid Marrah at the Presidential stand.
Osman ABdal Timbo at the Presidential stand.
Hon. Chernor Maju Bah at Presidential stand.
Brother Abduah from Asalam Brothers (Artist).
Performing Islamic Nasheeds.
Female performer.
Bro. Bilal (Poet)
Reading Islamic poems.
Female poet.
Asallam Brothers.
Brother MBJ & Brother Abdullah.
Chernor Amadu Umar Jalloh (Winner of last year's Qu'ranic competition) reading the Holy Qu'ran.
Sisters in Hijab sitting on the ground.
Men in abulution.
Brother MBJ shaking hands with the sound technician.
Ibrahim Talleh Bah, (Manager of FOISIL.
President Bio, First Lady and Mufti Menk.
Zain Bhikha & Muft Menk waving to the people.
Mufti Menk taking video footage of the crowd.
Mufti Menk media team and Abdul Latif Kargbo (Director FOISIL).
Military woman in military hijab.
Woman in prayer.
President Bio opening the program.
Zain Bhikha, Talleh Bah and Security officers escorting to the stage.
Zain Bhikha on Stage.
Woman lip syncing after Zain bBhikha.
Young Lady in smile as Zain is performing.
Woman in happy mood.
FOISIL Maeshal watching the performance of Zain.
Sheik Umar Farouk presenting Mufti Menk.
Muft on stage taking video footage.
Young brothers in gown.
Young ladies in Hijab
FOISIL Marshals.
Female medical students giving out medical aid.
Woman answering to dua (suplication).
Man answering to dua (suplication).
Large crowd exiting the stadium.

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