December 7, 2022


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Mass wedding in South Korea despite fear of coronavirus.

Although Asian countries are dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak, over 6000 couples from 64 countries were married at a mass wedding in South Korea held by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Gapyeongin.  

Photo Credit: Reuters.

People in attendance were checked with thermometers for symptoms of coronavirus. The church had actually supplied over 30 thousand face masks to the huge crowd and also banned couples from China from attending. 

Photo credit: Reuters.

Almost all the couples wore masks during the mass wedding ceremony.

Photo Credit: Reuters.

South Korea has recorded over 24 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Majority of the cases were from the Wuhan region, China. 

Authorities have cancelled festivals, graduation and other events around the country with fear that it will speed up the rate of transmission.