March 22, 2023


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Sierra Leone News Week 4-J-22-2020: SLRSA records 519 road accident death in 2019, FCC demolishes ‘Panbodies’ at bottom Mango and More.

SLRSA records 519 Road Accident death in 2019.

519 people died in road accidents according to the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) in 2019. The Research and Development Manager at SLRSA, Ambrose Tucker in an interview says among the dead were 41 percent male, 51 percent female, and 8 percent of children. The cause of this massive death rate is due to human errors, mechanical faults and weather. This he says can be avoided this year 2020 if there are installed traffic billboards, and drivers sensitization.

RSLAF starts Breast Cancer Screening

The Wellwoman Clinic in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, starts Breast Cancer screening to address the health issues of female  Military personnel. The screening took place at the Hockey pitch Wilberforce Barracks. Since Breast cancer is on the rise worldwide, RSLAF starts the screening exercise to reduce breast cancer in Sierra leone. During the screening process, female military personnel and wives of military personnel were screened for free.

FCC demolished buildings at Bottom Mango/Wilberforce.

Freetown City Council broke down ‘panbodies’ at the Bottom Mango and Wilberforce axis. The council informed the occupants to leave the location because they will soon demolish them, since no move was made to vacate the location, the FCC continued with the demolition process in order to give free parking space to vehicles and passengers.

Two women in prison for trafficking nine girls to the Middle East.

The two women, Kadiatu Kargbo and Fatmata Kamara who were found guilty of child trafficking nine girls to the Middle East in 2019 are currently in prison. The two are being investigated for trafficking of these girls. The accused made their recent appearance on the 20th January 2020 at the Pademba Road Magistrate court. The next hearing is adjourned to the 28th of January 2020 and they have been sent back to prison until the next sitting.