January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Archer’s Awareness walk on Cervical Cancer.

Doreen Archer Campbell founder of the Archer’s Cervical Cancer Foundation joins to world to raise awareness on Cervical cancer. January is the awareness month for cervical cancer in the world. Campbell together with her team were on the streets of Freetown on January 18, 2020 to raise awareness about the disease. 
The Archer’s Cervical Cancer Foundation was formed by Archer-Campbell to raise more awareness on Cervical Cancer nationwide. The awareness movement by the young Medic has been ongoing  throughout 2019 in various schools, sensitizing and teaching girls about the risks of contracting cervical cancer.

Archer-Campbell sensitizing at Girls School

The United States Congress declared January as Cervical Cancer Awareness month, as nearly 13,000 women in the States are diagnosed with cervical cancer. She always tells people that the ways to reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer is by having screening test and taking HPV infection vaccine. 

The signs of having cervical cancer are: vagina bleeding after intercourse, watery or bloody discharge which gives out bad odour, pains during intercourse. The contributing factor that boosts cervical cancer is through having sexual intercourse with different partners. Sex at an early age increases the chance the chance of contracting cervical cancer. 

It is against this backdrop that Archer-Campbell saw it necessary to start a Foundation that brings awareness on cervical cancer. On the 18th, the Archer’s Cervical Cancer Foundation made a one day walk round the town from the Cotton tree to Miata Conference Center with handbills  containing messages about cervical cancer.