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Ladies! Fake JC’s alert


It is that time of the year when almost every household welcomes a family member or friend from different countries. In fact, the moment someone crosses Lungi, they are being identified as JC’s. Some are just from different regions within the country but you’ll be shocked to see them acting like they just landed from overseas. 

Nor sidom tay den pas am pan yu oh! 

 Ladies beware! Be warned! Here are a few tips to quickly identify fake and broke JC’s: 

Flashy- One thing broke JC’s are good at is being flashy. These sets of people like to be noticed and so, they present themselves well with colour combinations. They can blend bold colours together very well. There‘s no difference between them and Independence Day  Lanterns. 

Brag- Another quality these people have is bragging. They see themselves as “ perfectionists’’ we call them ‘Mr and Mrs know it all’. They do not want to lose any argument especially those that have to do with travelling to different places. They try to persuade people that they have been to every country, in their dream of course, but they won’t allow the real MVP’s to speak. They can brag for Africa. 

Fake accent- This is the most irritating part of it all. Certain people who just went overseas for a month or a year and some who have never crossed Lungi will speak as if the queen gave birth to them. This is when every sentence they say, you’ll hear innit? Na dem!

Fake Promises- This is another stronghold. Why not speak the truth and let the devil feel ashamed? If you do not have money to spend or to buy things for family members and friends then just say it. Why put yourself through all that torture? 

Fake promises alert:

‘ I bought you an iPhone 11pro  but I forgot it on my table when I was rushing to the airport’, hmmm!

‘I ordered dresses and footwear online for you but they were delivered late after I had already left, wow!

‘My suitcase was already full so I shipped things for everyone, they will arrive in a few months, my sister na dem! In those few months, he would have returned and forgotten about you.

Creditors (tross-tross)- They can ask you for money in a very polite manner, that you will be ashamed to turn them down. With good hopes that they will repay, do not be so confident. 

Credit alert: 

My relatives just left with all the money I had with me, please send me 50,000 top-up.

Lent me le100,000, wae ar change me money ar dae gee yu, da dollar dae nor go ever change.

Display of Grafton water bottles and towels- It is only these people that will parade with big Grafton water bottles in their hands and be sipping it like medical prescription on the streets of Freetown and with handkerchiefs or towels around their neck to tell you that it is hot here. Yes ! they want you to know that they have just arrived. 

Ladies! Beware! Be warned!. Nor say r nor be know!

Thorpe be wise!



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