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Pimpor, pimpor! Marriage season, wrong reasons.


End of iya don cam, so you know what that means, Yawo and Orkor Season. Starting December the streets will fill up with ”pimpor pimpor” convoys but how many of these marriages will last? 


Here are a few tips on what you should not do so you won’t be in that wrecking boat.

Be in charge of your own happiness.

If you cannot make yourself happy, then no one else will. The earlier you believe this fact, the better. If someone doesn’t wish you a happy birthday, buy yourself a card and a cake and wish yourself.

Do not be scared to be alone.

The reason why some people put up with domestic violence or failed marriages is because they are so scared of being alone. There’s nothing wrong with being alone. It is like a step higher to achieving your goals and doing what makes you happy.

Do not live your life to please others.

Again this has to do with your happiness and this is a contributing factor why people tend to get married to the wrong people or stay in a place where they aren’t happy.

This however leads to the next point.

Do not settle down out of sympathy.

This is very common. ” We don komot far, we don tay”. That doesn’t mean anything if there is no more love, do not force things. 

Another scenario is the fact that the individual might have helped you oneway or the other in life. Leaving him or her if there’s no more love ain’t ungratefulness. You shouldn’t tie yourself around someone because he helped you at a particular point in your life. Do not beat yourself up, walk away!

Finally, do not get married for the sake of it or for the wrong reasons.

People get married these days because they think they owe it to their parents or society.  You owe no one. 

Also, they do it because their friends are getting married. It’s not a competition.

Do not get married for the wrong reasons as well, especially because of  beauty, fame or riches. What if that beauty fades, what if he becomes broke? Would you still want to be with the person? 

It’s the marriage season but how many of you are getting married for the right reasons? 

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. 

Thorpe be wise!

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