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How to survive at Fourah Bay College


Fourah Bay College! A name that rings a bell in the ears of every parent and child. Parents’ undying wish in Sierra Leone is to send their child to Fourah Bay College. The dream of every child is to get admitted there as well,’ the Athens of West Africa’. Even with all the vices, yet thousands of students keep applying each year just to be a Fourahbite. What they do not know, are secrets untold!

Are you wondering what these secrets are? Allow me to fill you in on a few. If you have never been brokenhearted, then get ready to get your first heartbreak at Fourah Bay College.

Growing up, everyone has a dream that they want to pursue or achieve, what they don’t know is that dream can turn into your worst nightmare in a minute at Fourah Bay College. Have you ever applied for a certain course and got rejected, just because you do not have the right connections even with the perfect grades or requirements?

Welcome to Fourah Bay College! 

Have you applied for a certain course and referred to another that is completely different from what you wanted to do? 

Welcome to Fourah Bay College where dreams are shattered. 

Well, if you are fortunate enough to enter, you need survival skills.

Are you ready to stand in long queues for absolutely everything? Even the simplest of things can get you on your last nerve, like standing in long queues to join the college bus to and from campus. Do you need a solution for that? Please trek if you do not have a car or cannot afford a motorbike or taxi. 

Also in terms of registration, one can get really pissed with the long and slow process. Please relax, do not get yourself worked up yet because the worst is yet to come. 

Have you ever pictured yourself sitting on the floor or under the sun or standing in order to take a class? Start buying sunglasses, dark colored jeans and practice standing techniques.

Do you own a smartphone? Please get one so you can do your research or buy your own books because the library is a camouflage. 

Do you know that during exams when offering certain modules like foundation studies, you need to go in search of a chair and a desk and might take the exam on the corridor?

Welcome to Fourah Bay College!

Has it ever occurred to you that a lecturer can actually fail you simply because he approached you and you refused? Gather evidence and expose him. 

Did you know that after writing an exam to the best of your ability, your grade or grades can just vanish and you will be asked to re-sit the exam?  You might think it is your village people at work but no, that is Fourah Bay College for you.

Have you ever thought about belonging to a certain club on campus? Please do not go there except if you are headstrong because that might divert your focus and you could even lose your life during their initiations. 

However, those were just the tip of the iceberg. When you get there you will discover the others. 

If I can survive four years at Fourah Bay College, you can too. Good luck!

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