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Sierra Leone: Free Education buses branded ”New Direction” continue old trend of putting the party before the nation


Free Quality Education is the keystone project of President Bio’s administration. The public welcomed and continues to support the initiative which subsidizes the costs of school fees and school supplies for students across Sierra Leone. An estimated 2 million students are enrolled in school today thanks to FQE. This is a national policy and project by the government of Sierra Leone paid for by the people of Sierra Leone.

However you may not know this given the ”greenification” of the newly procured school buses that have been branded as ”New Direction School Bus”.

These buses have not been paid for by the Sierra Leone People’s Party. These buses are Sierra Leonean buses not SLPP buses. We have to learn as a people to separate the national from the political. Why does our politics have to be so petty and desperate?

We have to learn and practice separation of state and party. Branding these buses as ”New Direction” continues the trend of the previous government that made all things red and APC.

We voted for President Bio because he promised to be disciplined and serve all Sierra Leoneans. The President did not order the branding of these buses but some overzealous SLPP cabinet minister has done so to start his own praise and worship and self-congratulations. This is wrong and it is a bad look for Sierra Leone.

Perhaps the cabinet minister did not get the memo from the people of Sierra Leone so let us say it again here:

Put Sierra Leone First.

The Ministry of Transport must be made to go back and fix this mess. No to New Direction day kerr di pikin den to school ya Na Salone government!

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