December 8, 2022


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Sierra Leone: New Book ‘The Girl Who Swallowed Fire’ by Iyatunde Cole



Sierra Leonean Author, Iyatunde Cole just released her long awaited book ‘The Girl Who Swallowed Fire’.

This book is an autobiography about surviving sexual assault. Ms Cole says she wrote this book to empower others.

“I wrote it for everyone who has been sexually abused but have been silenced by fear, and intimidation.

You can get this life-changing book from Amazon and if you are anywhere near New Jersey or would be there on the 12th of November 2017, you can drop by for the Grand Launching for this inspiring book.


Everyone knows her by name but nobody has actually seen her real face before. Maybe they have— yeah, maybe when she was a child, where she was flying around her home like a housefly—but that was long, long ago. And even though history does repeat itself sometimes, but not when its history has expired. And now everyone is eager to see Iya’s face after the fire. But has Iya found the courage to do that at this moment? Will she forgive her violator? This is a conquering true story of survival against all odds and an admirable illustration of the extraordinary achievements we can reach when hope and faith endure. This is how one young girl rose above abuse growing up in Sierra Leone, and how she is making a difference in the world in her own small way.