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“It’s still Mr. Ambassador” – Kao Denero debunks news about him quitting his Ambassador position

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador of Entertainment and Investment, Kao Denero has debunked news going around on social media that he is about to quit his ambassadorial position.

According to his Facebook post on Monday, September 13, 2021, the rapper expresses his disappointment over the way people share fake news to the detriment of others and he asked why are people so focused on his ambassadorial position.

“I woke up this morning to this rubbish. Please stop creating fake stories at the detriment of others. Have always been an artist, so going to the studio is nothing new. Why are people so focused on this ambassadorship?  Why are you all bent on seeing it not succeed? What’s really the big deal? It’s still Mr. Ambassador, ” he stated in the Facebook post.

This comes after a social media post went viral that Kao Denero has disclosed on a video where he expressed his frustration to his fellow artists that he will quit his ambassadorial position because his fellow musicians don’t want to work with him, despite all his efforts to bring them along.

The post further states that the Ambassador has decided to go back to the studio and focus on his music career, as he will continue to make hit songs and set the platform for other rappers again.