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Isha Johansen is out as president of Sierra Leone Football Association

Isha Johansen

Isha Johansen, the first woman president of the Sierra Leone Football Association has been made to step down. It is unclear if she stepped down because of the Anti Corruption Commission’s case against her and one other from the FA.

Johansen was charged with 7 counts all relating to misuse of SLFA funds according to BBC Sports.

There has been trouble and infighting at the SLFA since the election of Johansen as president in August 2013. Many members of the FA were not allowed to participate in the vote that brought her into office. This created a split in the FA as supporters of Mohamed Kallon & Rodney Michael who were barred from contesting for the FA presidency broke away from the Association. The fighting continued all the way to the premiership with some members forming their own league.

Johansen had the full support of the government when she campaigned to run, being the only person to be endorsed by the President and the then Minister of Sports Paul Kamara. It wasn’t long though because the government and Johansen stopped being on the same side and she and Paul Kamara (now removed from the Ministry) began to butt heads.

Isha Johansen has been released on bail and asked to surrender her passport to the court.

Like most high profile cases brought by the anti corruption we’re almost certain this is will disappear in due time without any word or proper resolution or dismissed for lack of evidence. Make wi di watch noh moh.

Sierra Leone Football Association Delegates will hold fresh elections to elect a new President and executive before the end of 2017.