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Madam Wokie from Sierra Leone to Bahamas Fashion Week 2017

Sierra Leonean fashion brand Madam Wokie showed at the Bahamas Fashion Week in Nassau, Bahamas.

Bahamas Fashion week is focused on propelling Bahamian and International designers to the forefront of the global fashion market. The vision of Bahamas Fashion Week is to inspire through the medium of arts, promote culture through design showcase and unite fashion’s key creators, communications and consumers.

Just concluded the panel discussion with @clairesulmers of @fashionbombdaily on “Women, Fashion and Style: The Impact of Fashion on our Daily Lives”. Looking forward to closing Bahamas Fashion Week with a bang💥 . Time for Bahamians to start rocking to Fele/Amie Kallon, duya me famble den una ep me decide #madamwokie #bahamas #Freetown #sierraleonegirlmagic #sierraleoneandesigner #vogue #sierraleone #vogueitalia#vogueblack #madamwokie #Handmade #bbcfocusonafrica #Essence #sierraleonean #sierraleone #fashion #style #beauty #bgki #blogger #blackgirlsrock #styleblogger #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #blackgirlmagic #print #africanfashion #retail #freetwon #sierraleone #fashionista #ankara #ankaraprint #print #bahamas

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Madam Wokie is a Sierra Leone based fashion brand created by Mary-Ann Kaikai in 2009 to design exclusive yet stylish, durable and affordable African-inspired garments and accessories. The brand name is inspired by Mary-Ann’s maternal great-grandmother, Madam Wokie Massaquoi, one of the few female Paramount Chief’s. She was a beautiful, strong and stylish lady who loved expressing herself through fashion.

Since 2009 Madam Wokie has become well known in the Sierra Leonean community- both at home and abroad. The brand has also established itself beyond the Sierra Leonean community, and has been featured on various international fashion shows and magazines.

Madam Wokie has showcased it’s collections on various platforms including the Madeng Beach Festival, the 2011 Africa Fashion International Fashion Week in Johannesburg, South Africa; the 2011 Africa Fashion Week New York; and Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos in 2011 and 2012. This year lead Creative Designer MarieAnn Kaikai was featured on CNN Africa.


The Madam Wokie shop is located at Number 14C Syke Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone. All clothes and accessories sold at the shop are manufactured in Africa; with most coming from Sierra Leone.