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Miss Universe Sierra Leone is new brand ambassador at Moijey Fine Jewelry


Press Release

USA—The reigning Miss Universe Sierra Leone 2016, Hawa Kamara has taken on another high profile, universal role. Effective January 2017, the fresh-faced 26-year-old will be representing the fine diamonds procurers, Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds as their first brand ambassador. The ambassadorship is initially signed for one year and involves domestic and global engagement campaigns.

The premise of the ambassadorship is for the crown-holder to represent the luxury diamond brand to the general population in order to increase awareness, maintain the company’s stellar image, generate sales and placement opportunities and expand their growing customer base.

Kamara not only possesses the striking beauty to be designated the face of the luxury line, she has a passion for excellence—making her vision parallel with that of the high-end, Silver Spring, Maryland based corporation.

Being born in Kono, Sierra Leone’s “Land of Diamonds” makes Hawa’s appointment metaphorically magical. She is a perfect choice for this globetrotting ambassador appointment as she is already traveling internationally fulfilling her current duties for the pageant organization.

Crowned in July 2016, she made national history as Sierra Leone’s first contestant in the world-popular Miss Universe pageant. Accomplishing so much before the age of 30 and being deemed worthy to represent her home country couldn’t have come at a better time for the luxury diamond brand.

“Hawa has a distinctive care for and understanding of people. We can’t wait to leverage her intellect and charm to share exciting stories about our jewelry and capture the attention of our global audience.” –Daniel Moijueh, owner MFJD

Kamara is an influencer whose story inspires others. Her current social media presence (11K+ followers) makes her accessible to a broader audience—a plus for the company, boasting brand accessibility as a staple of the fine diamond brand. This opportunity will build a bridge from business to consumer. The campaign will officially kick off January 2017.

Proudly representing her country, she plans to drive attention to the brand at the direction of fellow US-based Sierra Leonean Daniel Moijueh—owner of Moijey.

About Moijey Fine Jewelry and Diamonds:
Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds is owned and operated by Daniel Moijueh, a graduate of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting. The Moijey team consists of diamond experts with knowledge extending beyond the basic four Cs (Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat). Their corporate promise is that each customer is well informed about their selected piece prior to purchasing and receives nothing less than exceptional, lifelong customer service.

At the core of their success is unquestionable quality, care and customer service.

Please visit: to view the Moijey signature collections and for more in-depth brand and ambassador information.


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